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Welcome to Shani Hadjian Photography! We offer an experience where clients are made to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Be ready to laugh, have fun, and feel good about yourself. Together, we will effectively capture YOU and your essence.

Shani Hadjian Photography is a small business that takes action to change the narrative of marginalized communities in the arts and entertainment industries. We are committed to creating an affirming space in our photography studio while also recognizing that our actions do not stop there. Here are some steps we are taking immediately:

- Donating 10% of all profits to an organization aligning with our views and what the world needs at the time: In 2023 we donated to Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund through Global Giving, Campaign for South Equality to support LGBTQ+ in the south, The Center for Human Rights in Iran, National Network of Abortion Funds, Unicef specified for children in Gaza, and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

- Disavowing oppressive and marginalizing casting ideas and terminology 

Our photoshoot will be fun and collaborative. You will walk away with photos that affirm who you are as an artist and as a person. We can't wait to work with you!

what we stand for


Shani - rhymes with Johnny - was named after her sister's invisible friend. Shani's pronouns are she/her and they/them.



Shani was born outside San Francisco to an Armenian American musician dad and a Scottish American fashion designer mom.  They moved to Ohio when Shani was 8 and this artsy dolma eating family brought some flavor to a small suburban town.

Middle Eastern in the Midwest


Shani attended The Hartt School and majored in Music Theatre.  She is still an active actor on screen and on stage. Shani takes pride in understanding what it feels like to be in front of the camera. They use this knowledge, along with their knowledge of photography, to create an affirming space for all while capturing photos that will either help you get the job or be framed on your walls for years.



In addition to acting and photography, Shani also renovates and redecorates apartments, paints wall murals, writes screenplays, and films short films.

Doing all the things


Shani married her exquisite wife, Emily, in 2018! Shani loves to DIY so the entire wedding was DIY and it was gorgeous. 

Married Life


Shani and Emily adopted their dog, Beans, in 2017. He is very shy and if you're coming to the studio you will most likely meet him and his mighty bark.

the babies

Shani and Emily adopted their second dog, Petra, in January of 2023. She is a social butterfly and wants nothing more than attention from everyone. 

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